Fisherbrand Bead Mill 24 Homogenizer

The Fisherbrand Bead Mill 24 is used for homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction. The instrument can homogenize up to 24 samples at once. Runs at speeds of 0.8 m/s to 6 m/s for up to 99 seconds.

The Fisher Bead Mill 24 is available to individuals with a BioGarage membership.

The BioGarage does not supply laboratory materials or bench space for walk-up instrument users. Please load your tissue samples into tubes before you come to the BioGarage.

Tubes and beads for various tissue types can be found on the Fisher website. **Please only use tubes designed for bead mill use.** Other tubes are likely to break during shaking.


Bead Mill 24 Instruction Manual

The Fisher Bead Mill 24 is free to all BioGarage members.