QuantStudio Absolute Q Digital PCR System

The Applied Biosystems Quantstudio Absolute Q is a plate-based digital PCR system that provides absolute quantification of nucleic acid target sequences. Unlike qPCR, dPCR does not rely on standard curves for quantification. It is more sensitive than qPCR and thus well-suited to tasks such as detecting rare alleles or determining copy number variance.

The Absolute Q plates can fit up to 16 samples at a time.

Visit the ThermoFisher website for more information.

Before being given BioGarage access, users are required to attend a training session. To set up a training, please fill out the form below and email it to biogarage@biotech.wisc.edu.

Biogarage Training Request Form

After training, instrument time can be booked using our online scheduling tool. A link to the scheduling tool can be found on the Scheduling page. BioGarage instruments are available for use on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. See further policies regarding instrument usage and training below.

UWBC BioGarage Scheduling and Use Policy


The BioGarage does not supply laboratory materials or bench space for walk-up instrument users. Users are expected to prepare their samples before coming to the BioGarage. Pipettes and tips will be provided for you to load your MAP16 plate when using the Absolute Q.

You will need to purchase a plate kit as well as the appropriate master mix for your experiment.

Starter Kit (plates and master mix):

  • QuantStudio Absolute Q MAP16 Plate Kit and Master Mix (Applied Biosystems A53301)

Plates only:

  • QuantStudio Absolute Q MAP16 Plate Kit (Applied Biosystems, Catalog no: A52865)

Master mix only:

  • Absolute Q DNA Digital PCR Master Mix (5x) (Applied Biosystems, Catalog no: A52490)
  • Absolute Q 1-step RT-dPCR Master Mix (4X) (Applied Biosystems, Catalog no: A55146)


Absolute Q Digital PCR System User Guide
Absolute Q Quick Start Guide

The initial training session for the Absolute Q instrument is $150. Trainings typically take 2-2.5 hours.

Subsequent uses of the instrument will be billed at an introductory rate of $50 per use.