NanoDrop® ND-2000 Spectrophotometer

The NanoDrop®ND-2000 is a full-spectrum (190-840nm) spectrophotometer that measures 1ul samples with high accuracy and reproducibility.

The small sample requirement of 1ul makes the NanoDrop ideally suited for measuring:

  • Nucleic acid concentration and quality of nucleic acid samples up to 15,000 ng/ul (dsDNA) without dilution
  • Fluorescent dye labeling density of nucleic acid microarray samples
  • Protein analysis (A280) up to 400 mg/ml (BSA)
  • Bradford Assay analysis of protein
  • Cell density measurements
  • General UV-Vis spectrophotometry

The Nanodrop is available to all BioGarage users. If you are not a BioGarage user and would like to use the instrument, please contact

Users are not required to make a reservation to use the Nanodrop. The instrument is available for use Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm. Please see the BioGarage usage guidelines below.

UWBC BioGarage Scheduling and Use Policy

The NanoDrop is free to use for BioGarage users.