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Rodent Genotyping Services

The BioGarage offers qPCR-based rat and mouse genotyping services to customers of the UWBC Advanced Genome Editing Lab. We draw on expertise in assay design and analysis to provide high-throughput genotyping at an affordable price and rapid turnaround time.

Samples must be provided as ear punches in a 96-well PCR plate or PCR striptubes.

We currently offer the following analysis types:

  • Presence/absence calls
  • Genotyping (heterozygous/homozygous) of SNPs or of inserts > 200 bp


Please note that while we do our best to provide accurate results, some degree of error is always possible in genotyping.

A one-time onboarding fee will be charged per target.

Analysis Type Onboarding Cost
Presence/Absence $255
SNP genotyping $255
Non-SNP genotyping $435

After onboarding, genotyping will be charged based on sample number as follows:

Sample Number Cost
1-8 (flat rate) $90
9-32 (per sample) $8.85
>32 (per sample) $6.99