Walk-up Services

Instrument Use

The Biogarage provides walk-up access to our Absolute Q dPCR system and three QuantStudio 7 Pro qPCR instruments.

All walk-up services require an initial training session, after which users can book instrument time online at their own convenience.

If you would like to schedule a training session, please contact biogarage@biotech.wisc.edu.

Before being given BioGarage access, users are required to be trained on the instrument(s) they intend to use. Users are only permitted to use instruments for which they have received training. Trainings can be set up via email at biogarage@biotech.wisc.edu.

After training, instrument time can be booked using our online scheduling tool. A link to the scheduling tool can be found in the Scheduling tab. BioGarage instruments are available for use on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

Suggested materials and reagents for each instrument can be found under the Resources tab above, along with instrument user guides. The BioGarage can also provide limited assistance in regards to experimental design, analysis and troubleshooting.

Note: The BioGarage does not provide laboratory materials or bench space for walk-up instrument users. Users are expected to prepare their samples before coming to the BioGarage. If using the Absolute Q dPCR instrument, you will need to load your plate upon arrival at the BioGarage. Pipettes and tips will be provided for this purpose.

The initial training session for each instrument is $150.
Subsequent uses of the instrument will be billed at an introductory rate of $50 per use.